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Upgrade your AT&T device


Find out when you can upgrade your AT&T device today

It’s easy to find out when you’re eligible for an upgrade. Just do one of the following:
From your wireless device, dial *NEW# (*639#) and you’ll get a free text message
  with your upgrade status.
Log in to your account to check your upgrade status.
Visit an AT&T retail store and speak to a representative.
   Find your nearest AT&T store.


How to get a new device

AT&T offers several options designed to fit your individual needs.

  •  AT&T Next
    Technology doesn’t wait. Neither should you.
    Learn more about AT&T Next

  • Standard upgrade
    You may be eligible to upgrade your device at a subsidized price after 24 months. You can then purchase a new device at
    the subsidized price with a new two-year wireless agreement.

  • Share an upgrade
    You can share an upgrade with another person on your account as long as you’re upgrading within the same device
    category. In other words, you can upgrade from a phone to another phone, a tablet to another tablet, and so on.

  • Early upgrades
    Once you've completed six months or more of your wireless agreement, you may qualify for a partial discount off the full
    retail price when you sign a new two-year wireless agreement.

  • Trade-ins
    Recycle your phone, tablet, or netbook and get credit towards your upgrade or donate the value to Cell Phones for Soldiers.
    Learn more about our trade-in program

  • Purchase at full retail price
    You can pay full retail price for a device anytime without a two-year wireless agreement.

  • Bring your own device
    You’re welcome to bring a compatible GSM-capable device to AT&T and sign up for service without a wireless agreement.

Get help from eSupport

Still have questions about upgrades? Visit eSupport to learn more.

Upgrade Advantage Program: Upgrades are limited to the same device category. The device categories are (1) phones, (2) tablets/data-only devices, and (3) Wireless Home Services devices. For example, a line with a phone may only be upgraded to another phone. See rate-plan brochure and Wireless Customer Agreement for full terms applicable to selected rate plan. Customer eligibility may vary based on credit history, payment history, payment status, customer type, and other factors. New 2-year agreement with qualifying rate plans required. Upgrade fee of $36 applies. For details regarding the AT&T Return Policy and any Early Termination Fees, including Cancellation of Service, please see our Return Policy. AT&T may change the terms and conditions of the AT&T Upgrade Advantage Program at any time without notice. Upgrades are subject to the terms and conditions in effect at the time of the upgrade. All other charges apply. Some dealers impose additional fees.