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Do I have to join AT&T THANKS to receive benefits?

Eligible AT&T customers are automatically enrolled in AT&T THANKS. If you have an eligible service with AT&T, benefits will automatically be available to you.

What types of benefits does AT&T THANKS offer?

AT&T THANKS is a customer appreciation program with a variety of offers and benefits for eligible customers. Benefits vary depending on your tier: Blue, Gold or Platinum. Examples include:

  • Movie tickets
  • Wi-Fi Hot Spots
  • Free same-day delivery and expert set-up for any eligible device
  • Expedited service when calling AT&T customer service

Most benefits are redeemable in the convenient AT&T THANKS app. Check back often to see what’s new.

What determines the tier level for AT&T THANKS?

The number of eligible AT&T products and services you have determines your tier level – Blue, Gold, Platinum – and available benefits.

Can I change tiers once I am in a tier for AT&T THANKS?

Yes. You may automatically change tiers by adding an eligible product or service with AT&T.1 AT&T has a wide range of products and services that are a part of AT&T THANKS. As your need for AT&T products and services grows, so will your benefits.

How do I redeem my benefits?

If you are signed into myAT&T you can access AT&T THANKS under My benefits and rewards on your Account overview page. Simply select Explore benefits to see your available benefits and redemption instructions for each. You can also sign into AT&T THANKS here. Or, download the AT&T THANKS app to easily access and redeem your benefits on the go.

What makes me eligible for Ticket Twosday?

  • I'm an AT&T wireless customer.
  • I’m a qualifying AT&T TV and/or Internet customer.
  • My account is in good standing.

Why am I not eligible for Ticket Twosdays?

  • I’m not a qualifying AT&T customer.
  • I’m an AT&T employee, authorized retailer or government employee.
  • I’m a Cricket or AT&T PREPAIDSM customer.
  • I have a data-only plan.
  • I already redeemed the offer within the last 6 days.