Sponsored Data from AT&T

Browse. Stream. Enjoy.

With Sponsored Data®, you can browse
websites, stream video, and enjoy apps on your wireless device without impacting your
personal data plan.*

Frequently asked questions

  • Sponsored Data is a service that enables companies to sponsor the data usage for specific content on behalf of eligible AT&T wireless customers. With Sponsored Data, customers can browse, stream and enjoy content from our data sponsors without impacting their monthly data plan allowance.

  • Sponsored Data is available to postpaid customers who have an active AT&T data plan, a 3G or 4G (HSPA+ and LTE) capable device – including smartphones, tablets, laptop modems, and mobile hotspots – and use the AT&T domestic wireless network. AT&T PREPAID customers’ eligibility may be limited to specific offers.

  • A Sponsored Data offer may take many forms. For example, a customer may access an application from their healthcare provider. Within the application, there is a video that displays a message from the provider, indicating that the video is sponsored. Or a customer may access a mobile website that streams audio content, and see a message that indicates the audio streams are sponsored.

  • Companies that use the Sponsored Data service on their website or in their application will notify you directly regarding sponsored data offers, the offer eligibility, expiration, and any other details.

  • The Sponsored Data service is available at no additional cost to the customer. When accessing sponsored content on websites and applications, data usage will not be applied to your usage allowance if you meet eligibility requirements.

  • Yes, Sponsored Data offers are available to customers on AT&T PREPAID accounts.

  • Companies using the service will notify customers directly. If you are unsure if a company is providing a sponsored offer, you should contact the company for additional clarification through their normal customer service channels.

  • Sponsored Data is only available within the United States while on the AT&T domestic wireless network.

  • Postpaid customers can view their Sponsored Data usage in the "Data Detail" section of their paper bill, and in the detailed usage section within "My Wireless" in their online bill. AT&T PREPAID customers can view their usage in "account history" online.

  • If you believe that you were charged for accessing content that should have been sponsored, please contact the company that made the sponsored offer through their customer service department.

  • Yes. Sponsored Data works when a customer is connected domestically to the AT&T network on an eligible device and rate plan, including when on a tethering session via smartphone, tablet, or mobile hotspot.

  • No. Sponsored Data is not compatible with AT&T Smart Limits.

  • Under certain circumstances, Sponsored Data will operate within a VPN. The application will communicate sponsored content if present. However, you must turn off the “data optimization” feature in your browser to access Sponsored Data.

  • Not necessarily. The company displaying the Sponsored Data offer determines which customers receive the Sponsored Data offers.