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Frequently asked questions

  • What AT&T Internet is available in my area?
    AT&T Internet availability depends on location. This means that if you’re moving, you might have different options for internet at your new home. Enter your address on this page to find out which plans and speeds are available for you.
  • Which AT&T TV or DIRECTV packages are available?
    AT&T TV and DIRECTV are available nationally. Bundling your TV and internet is a great way to save money. Before you pick a package, though, you'll want to enter your address on this page to check which TV service is best for your location.
  • Can I get AT&T Fiber at my address?
    AT&T FiberSM is the technology that powers our fastest residential internet plans. Like all AT&T Internet services, availability for these plans depends on location. Check out a map of AT&T Fiber coverage areas.