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Browse the Web

Learn how to browse the web, access or edit bookmarks, and access and manage browser tabs.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:


• Access main browser
• Navigate to a website
• Bookmark a site
• Access bookmarks
• Access, open, and close browser tabs
• Preview URL of a link
• Refresh a website
• Add and access Favorites
• Access Private Browsing Mode
• Access browser settings
• Share a site
• Call and message a number from Safari
• Use Passkey to log in
• Create a profile
• Switch between profiles



Access main browser

From the home screen, select the Safari app Safari app.

Note: Learn more about Safari on the Apple website: www.apple.com/safari/



Navigate to a website

Enter a URL or search term in the search field at the top of the page, then select go or a search suggestion.

Note: If you don't want to see suggested search terms, from the home screen select the settings Settings app > scroll to and select Safari > select the switch Search Engine Suggestions switch.

Image 1

To quickly search a site you've visited before, enter the name of the site followed by your search term. For example, enter 'wiki einstein' to search Wikipedia for 'einstein.'

Note: To turn this feature on or off, from the home screen select the settings Settings app > scroll to and select Safari > select Quick Website Searchswitch Quick Website Search switch.

Image 2



Bookmark a site

1. Select the share icon Share icon, then select Add Bookmark.

Image 3

2. Enter the desired name for the bookmark, then select Save.

Note: To change the bookmark location, select the location then select the desired location.

Image 4



Access bookmarks

1. Select the sidebar icon Sidebar icon, then select Bookmarks.

Image 5

2. Select the desired bookmark.

Image 6



Access, open, and close browser tabs

ACCESS BROWSER TABS: Select the tabs icon Tabs icon.

OPEN A NEW TAB: Select the add icon Add icon.

CLOSE A TAB: Select the X icon or swipe the page to the left.

Image 7

OPEN A LINK IN A NEW TAB: Select and hold the desired link, then select Open in New Window.

Image 8



Preview URL of a link

To see the URL of a link, select the link.

Image 9



Refresh a website

Select the refresh icon Refresh icon next to the address in the search field to update the page.



Add and access Favorites

ADD A SITE TO FAVORITES: Select the Share icon Share icon, then select Add to Favorites

Note: When prompted, enter the desired name for the Favorite, then select Save.

Image 10

ACCESS FAVORITES: Select the sidebar icon Sidebar icon > BookmarksFavorites.

Note: When you open a new tab, Favorites will be displayed. Select the desired website that you wish to open. 

Image 11



Access Private Browsing Mode

From the new tab page, select the ipad tabs icon Tabs icon > Start PagePrivate. Pages visited, search history, and Autofill information will not be saved when using Private Browsing Mode. 

Image 12



Access browser settings

From the home screen, select the settings Settings app. Scroll to and select Safari. Edit settings as desired. 

Image 13



Share a site

With the desired site open, select the Share icon Share icon, then select the desired sharing method or select Copy to copy the URL.

Image 14



Call and message a number from Safari

Select and highlight the desired phone number, then select Call using iPhone or FaceTime to start a call. Select Send Message to send a message.

Image 15



Use Passkey to log in

With iPadOS 17, you can login to certain websites using a Passkey instead of a password. Passkeys are stored on your device and linked to any other devices you have setup through iCloud Keychain. Websites or apps that support Passkey will have an option to login using a Passkey. 

Note: For more information on Passkeys and their security, visit here.



Create a profile

1. Keep your browsing separate for topics like Work and Personal with different profiles in Safari. Profiles helps you separate your history, extension tab groups, cookies, and favorites. To create a profile, from the Settings app, scroll to and select Safari then scroll to and select New Profile.

Image 16


2. Edit settings as desired, then select Done.


Image 17



Switch between profiles

You can quickly switch between profiles as you browse. To switch between profiles, select the Profile drop-down then select the desired option.


Image 18

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