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Learn how to add, view, delete, customize by adding a picture or ringtone, and back up your contacts.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:


• Access contacts

• Add a contact

• Add a picture and ringtone to a contact

• Edit a contact

• Delete a contact

• Back up your contacts

• Share contacts through NameDrop


Access contacts

To access contacts, navigate to and select the contacts app Contacts app.


You can also access your contacts by selecting the phone app  Phone app, then selecting the Contacts tab.


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Add a contact

1. From the Contacts screen, select the add icon Add icon.


2. Enter the desired contact information in the corresponding fields. Select Done when finished. 


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Add a picture and ringtone to a contact

To add a picture, from the desired contact select Edit. Select Add Photo, then navigate to the desired image and follow the prompts.


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To add a ringtone, scroll to and select Ringtone. Select the desired ringtone, then select Done.


Note: Select Done again to save the contact.


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Edit a contact

1. From the Contacts list, select the desired contact, then select Edit.


Image 5


2. Edit the contact as desired, then select Done when finished.


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Delete a contact

1. From desired contact, select Edit.


Image 7


2. Scroll to and select Delete Contact. Select Delete Contact again to confirm.


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Back up contacts through iCloud

From the home screen, select the settings app Settings app > select your Apple ID > iCloud > Show All > switch Contacts switch.


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Share contacts through NameDrop

Hold your iPhone near another iPhone or Apple Watch (Series 7 or later, Apple Watch SE 2nd generation, and all Ultra models) to use NameDrop. You’ll both be able to choose the specific phone numbers or email addresses you want to share, and you can share them along with your Contact Poster instantly. For information about Contact Posters, visit Apple's support site. When sharing a contact through NameDrop, you will be prompted to select Receive Only or Share. Select the desired option. Edit the shared contact information as desired, then select Done.


Note: You have to have your My Card set up to share contact information via NameDrop. Shared contacts will be added to the Contacts app.


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