Take a Picture or Video
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Take a Picture or Video

Learn how to take a picture or video, switch between cameras, and more.


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For technical details about your camera, visit the Specifications tutorial.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:


• Access Camera
• Switch between front and rear camera
• Focus the camera
• Zoom in and out
• Take a photo
• Record a video
• Use Live Text features


For more information about camera settings that are available such as Flash, Timer, Filters, and camera modes visit the Camera and Video Settings tutorial. To learn more about new camera features that are available, visit the Advanced Photo & Video Features tutorial.



Access Camera

From the home screen, select the Camera app Camera app.

You can also access the Camera app from the Lock screen. From the lock screen, swipe left.

Note: When you open Camera from the Lock screen, you can view (and even edit) photos and videos by selecting the thumbnail at the lower-left corner of the screen. To share photos and videos, first unlock your iPad.



Switch between front and rear camera

Select the switch camera icon Switch Camera icon.

Note: You cannot switch the camera while you are recording a video.


Focus the camera

Touch the desired area of the photo you wish to focus on. A box will appear around the area selected.

Image 1



Zoom in and out

Drag two fingers from the middle of the screen toward the outer edges of the screen to zoom in. Pinch two fingers from the outer edges of the screen to the middle of the screen to zoom out.

Note: Alternately, you can zoom in and out by selecting and dragging the Zoom slider on the left side of the screen. 

Image 2



Take a photo

Select the Capture icon or press either Volume button.

Note: Live Photos is enabled by default. Live photos record what happens 1.5 seconds before and after you take a picture. To disable Live photos, from the Camera app, select the Live Photos icon. To delete a picture, from the Photos app select the desired photo then select the delete icon Delete icon. Select Delete Photo to confirm. If you are you having trouble taking pictures or video on iPad, click here.

Image 3



Record a video

1. Swipe up or down to Video mode, then select the Record icon to start recording.

Image 4

2. To stop a recording, select the Stop icon or press either Volume button.

Image 5



Use Live Text features

You can use your iPad to interact with text in photos and videos using Live Text from the photos app Photos app. The camera recognizes text and information that appears within frame, letting you interact with it in multiple ways. You can select text to copy, share, or translate, or you can use quick actions to perform tasks like make a phone call, open a website, or convert currencies. To use Live Text, from the Photos app Photos app, navigate to and select the desired photo or video, then select the Live Text icon. Select and hold the desired text, then select the desired option.


Note: This functionality is supported on iPads from 2018 or later. For more information, visit Use Live Text with your iPad camera.


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