Find IMEI, Serial Number & EID
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Find IMEI, Serial Number & EID

Learn how to locate the IMEI, Serial Number & EID for your device.

FIND THROUGH THE SETTINGS APP: 1. From the home screen, select the settings app Settings app.

2. Select General, then select About.

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3. The Serial Number, IMEI, and EID will be displayed.

Note: An EID will only be displayed if your iPad has an eSIM. Learn more from the Apple support articles Find the serial number and other information for your iPad and Identify your iPad model.

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FIND ON THE DEVICE: Your Serial number is also engraved on the back case, near the bottom.

FIND THROUGH FINDER: If your device is synced with your computer you can also access your device's serial number. Select the displayed information to cycle to the Serial Number.

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