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Health App

Organize your important health information so it is easy to access and share from a central and secure place.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:


• Set up Health Details
• Edit Health Details
• View Health Summary
• Track Medications
• Access & Edit Notification settings


For this tutorial, select the Health app Health app on your home screen.

If this is your first time opening the Health app, review the Welcome to Health prompt then select Continue. Review the iCloud Health Data on iPad prompt. When you sync your iCloud Health Data from your other devices, your iPad and Watch data will also be accessible on your iPhone. Select Sync to iPhone or Not Now.



Set up Health Details

1. After first opening the Health app and reviewing the introductory prompts, you will be asked to enter your Health Details. Enter your desired health details, then select Next.

Image 1

2. Review the Health Notifications prompt. If desired, select the Trends switch switch on to enable or disable health trends notifications, then select Continue.


Image 2



Edit Health Details


1. From the Health app, select the Account icon then select Health Details.

Image 3 


2. Select Edit. Edit Health Details as desired, then select Done.


Image 4 



View Health Summary

When you open the Health app, a Health Summary will be displayed. Select the desired highlight for more details or select Show All Health Data to view all your health data.

Image 5 


Select the Browse tab to view details in the desired Health Category.


Image 6 



Track Medications

1. From the Health app, select the Browse tab then select Medications.

Image 7 

2. Select Add a Medication.

Image 8 


3. Enter the Medication name, then select the desired search result.


Note: Select Add at the bottom of the list if you would like to add a medication that is not listed.


Image 9


4. Follow the prompts to enter the medication details as desired, then select Next to continue.


5. Review the Medication Interactions prompt. Select the switches as desired, then select Done.


Image 10



Access & Edit Notification settings

1. From the Health app, select Account icon then select Notifications.

Image 11

2. Edit Notification settings as desired, then select Done.

Image 12 

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