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Action Button

The Action button gives quick control over a variety of functions. It’s customizable and can control the flashlight, open the camera, and more.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:


• Access Action Button Settings
• Set Action Button
• Use Action Button


Access Action Button Settings

1. From the home screen, select the  Settings app.

2. Scroll to and select Action Button.

Image 1



Set Action Button

To set the Action Button, from the Action Button screen, simply swipe left or right to the desired function.

Image 2


To assign the Action Button a Shortcut, swipe left to Shortcut then select Choose a Shortcut.... Navigate to and select the desired shortcut.


Image 3


To assign the Action Button an Accessibility feature, swipe left to Accessibility then select Choose a feature.... Select the desired Accessibility feature


Image 4



Use Action Button

To use the Action Button at any time, press and hold the Action Button.

Image 5


To see the function assigned to the Action button, press the Action button. The function's icon will be displayed in the Dynamic island.


Image 6

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