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Create Contacts with the HTC Windows Phone 8X (PM23300)

Create Contacts with the HTC Windows Phone 8X (PM23300)


  1. From the Start screen, tap People.     
  2. Tap  to create a new contact.         
    NOTE: Select desired account if prompted.          
  3. Tap  next to the desired fields to enter contact information, and then tap  to save.
    • Name: Enter the desired information, and then tap .
      NOTE: At least one field needs to be populated to save a name.
    • Phone: Enter a phone number and description, and then tap .
      NOTE: To add a Pause to the number, tap  at the desired location; to add a Wait, tap .
    • Email: Enter an email address and description, and then tap .
    • Ringtone: Tap the desired ringtone.
    • Other: Tap the desired field to add additional information.
  4. Once all of the desired information is entered, tap  to save.
  5. The contact's saved profile will be displayed.

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