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Call Features

Learn how to place, receive, and reject a call.


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To learn about calling or using your device in other countries, visit the AT&T International Website. To learn more about AT&T's 5G network available on the iPhone 12 Series or later, visit AT&T's 5G & You website.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Make a phone call
• Answer or decline a call
• Reject a call with a text message

Make a phone call

1. From the home screen, select the phone app Phone app.

2. Select the Keypad tab, then dial the desired number. Select the Call icon.

Image 1

Answer or decline a call

When you have an incoming call, select the Decline icon to decline the call. Select the Accept icon to accept the call.

Note: If your iPhone is locked, select and drag the phone icon Phone icon to the right to answer a call. To decline a call from the lock screen, press the Side button twice.

Image 2

Reject a call with a text message

Select the Call window, then select the Message icon. Select the desired message.

Note: To create a custom reply, select Custom.... Enter the desired message, then select the send icon Send icon.

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