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Keyboard & Typing

Copy and paste, use speech-to-text, and access keyboard settings.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Access the keyboard
• Access symbols and numbers
• Use swipe
• Copy and paste text
• Use predictive text
• View one-handed operation options
• Access keyboard settings
• Use scroll bar scrubbing
• Use Dictation

Access the keyboard

Select a text field to see the onscreen keyboard, then select letters to type.

Image 1

Access symbols, numbers and Emojis

Select the desired option

Image 2

MEMOJIS: Select the Memoji icon.
STICKERS: Select the Stickers icon.
CAPITALIZE TEXT: Select the Shift key to type uppercase. Double-select the Shift key for caps lock.
NUMBERS AND SYMBOLS: Select the 123 key.
EMOJIS: Select the Emoji icon.
DICTATION: Select the Microphone icon and begin speaking your desired message.

Note: To access more symbols, select the 123 key, then select the #+= key. To return to the alphabetical keyboard select the ABC key. iOS 14 offers new Memoji and sticker features such as new age options, face coverings, over 20 new hair and headwear styles, and more so you can personalize your Memoji to reflect your hobby, profession, and personality. When using dictation, you can edit the message using the keyboard before sending. 

Use swipe

Select and drag across each letter of the desired word without removing your finger from the screen. Words will automatically be entered into the text field.

Image 3

Copy and paste text

To copy text, select and hold the text, then select Select or Select All. Two end points will appear. Select and drag the end points to expand or reduce selection. Select Copy.

Note: Alternately, iOS 15 features gestures that make cut, copy, and paste a snap. Pinch up with three fingers to quickly copy, pinch up with three fingers two times to cut, and pinch down with three fingers to paste.

Image 4

To paste, select the desired location in the text field then select Paste.

Image 5

Use predictive text

As you write, QuickType uses predictive text to anticipate your next word. Select a word to choose it.

Note: Accept a highlighted prediction by entering a space or punctuation. Reject a suggestion by selecting your original word (shown as a QuickType option with quotation marks).

Image 6

View one-handed operation options

From the Home screen, select the settings app Settings app > General > Keyboard > One-Handed Keyboard > desired option.

Image 7

Access keyboard settings

From the General screen select Keyboard > edit Keyboard settings as desired.

Image 8

Use scroll bar scrubbing

 Instantly navigate long documents, web pages, and conversations by selecting and dragging the scroll bar.

Image 9

Use Dictation

Use Dictation to draft messages using your voice. Select the Microphone icon. Say the desired message when the audio waveform appears on-screen. The message will be entered. Select the Send icon to send the message. To return to the keyboard to edit the message, select the End Dictation icon.

Note: Upon initial access, you will need to enable Dictation. select the Microphone icon then select Enable Dictation.

Image 10

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