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The Capture+ feature allows you to capture screenshots, create memos, write or draw on almost every screen, and schedule memos to appear at certain times.

  1. ACCESS CAPTURE: Swipe down from the Notification bar, then select the Capture+ icon.
    device 5165/9007142_01.jpg
  2. The following options are available: Select the Pencil icon to draw on the screenshot. Select the Eraser icon to remove items added to the memo. Select the Eraser icon a second time to change the size of the eraser. Select the Cut icon to remove an item from the memo to be pasted elsewhere. Select the Cut icon a second time to change the shape of the cutting tool. Select the Undo or Redo icons to undo/redo any edits or changes made to the memo. Select the Text icon to enter text below the screenshot using the keyboard. Make sure the Text icon is selected, then type the desired memo.
    device 5165/9007142_02.jpg
  3. SHARE A MEMO: Select the Menu icon, then select Share.
    device 5165/9007142_03.jpg
  4. CHANGE MEMO BACKGROUND: Select the Menu icon, then select Paper style. Select the desired background color, then select OK.
    device 5165/9007142_04.jpg
  5. SAVE A MEMO: Select the Menu icon, then select Done. Select the desired location to save.
    device 5165/9007142_05.jpg
  6. SCHEDULE A MEMO: Swipe left to the second screen, then select the Tools folder. Select the QuickMemo+ app.
    device 5165/9007142_06.jpg
  7. Select the Menu icon, then select Capture+.
    device 5165/9007142_07.jpg
  8. Select the desired memo.
    device 5165/9007142_08.jpg
  9. Select Add reminder > Time reminder > select the desired time, then select OK.
    device 5165/9007142_09.jpg

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