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Multi Window

The Multi Window feature provides split-screen functionality, which allows you to use two applications at the same time. Complete multiple tasks on one screen; take notes while watching a video, or search the web and check your email messages simultaneously.

  1. ACCESS MULTI WINDOW: Select the Recent Apps key, then select the Multi window icon on the desired app.
    Note: Upon first access, you will be prompted to review the Use Multi window tutorial. Select NEXT.
    device 5165/9006154_01.jpg
  2. Select the desired app to open.
    Note: For this demonstration, Google app and QuickMemo+ were used.
    device 5165/9006154_02.jpg
  3. Select and drag the Blue divider icon to adjust the window size.
    device 5165/9006154_03.jpg
  4. CLOSE BOTTOM WINDOW: Select the Blue divider icon, then select the X icon.
    device 5165/9006154_04.jpg
  5. EXPAND A WINDOW: Select and drag the Blue divider icon to the bottom or top of the screen.
    device 5165/9006154_05.jpg
  6. ACCESS RECENT APPS LIST: Select the Multi Window key.
    device 5165/9006154_06.jpg
  7. EXIT MULTI WINDOW: Select and hold the Multi Window key.
    device 5165/9006154_07.jpg

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