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Take a Video

Switch between cameras, record a video, take a picture while recording, pause, or end a recording.

  1. TAKE A VIDEO: From the home screen, select the Camera app.
    Note: The LG Phoenix 3 video camera records in 720p (1280x720) at 30fps.
    device 5165/9007100_01.jpg
  2. SWITCH BETWEEN CAMERAS: Select the Change camera icon.
    Note: You can also swipe in any direction to quickly switch between the rear and front facing cameras.
    device 5165/9007100_02.jpg
  3. RECORD A VIDEO: Select the Camcorder icon.
    device 5165/9007100_03.jpg
  4. TAKE A PICTURE WHILE RECORDING: Select the Shutter icon.
    device 5165/9007100_04.jpg
  5. PAUSE/END A RECORDING: Select the Pause icon. Select the Record icon to resume recording. Select the Stop icon to finish recording and save a video.
    Note: Your video will automatically be saved to the gallery.
    device 5165/9007100_05.jpg

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