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In-call options

In-call options

Learn what features are available while on an active call.



  1. During a call, press the side Volume keys to raise or lower the volume.
    device 2764/1347003.jpg
  2. Tap Speaker to turn speakerphone on or off.
    device 2764/1347004.jpg
  3. Tap Mute to turn mute on or off.
    device 2764/1347006.jpg
  4. Tap Dial pad to show the keypad.
    device 2764/1347005.jpg
  5. Tap Keypad again to hide the keypad.
    device 2764/1347007.jpg
  6. Tap Add call to begin three-way calling.
    device 2764/1350484.jpg
  7. Tap End call to hang up.
    device 2764/1350485.jpg

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