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Play music

Play music, turn the music player off.

  1. From the home screen, tap the Apps icon.
    device 2684/1320341.jpg
  2. Swipe to, then tap Play Music.
    Note: You must have a Google account to use Play Music.
    device 2684/1320340.jpg
  3. Tap the Listen Now Menu icon.
    device 2684/1320335.jpg
  4. Tap My Library.
    device 2684/1320336.jpg
  5. Tap SONGS.
    device 2684/1320337.jpg
  6. Tap the desired song.
    device 2684/1320338.jpg
  7. Tap the Now Playing bar to gain access to music controls.
    device 2684/1320339.jpg
  8. Tap the Play icon to play the selected track.
    device 2684/1343265.jpg
  9. Tap the Seek icons to skip forwards and backwards between tracks. Touch and hold the Seek icons to fast forward and rewind.
    device 2684/1343266.jpg
  10. Tap the Repeat icon to repeat the current song, or album.
    device 2684/1343267.jpg
  11. Tap the Shuffle icon to shuffle songs
    device 2684/1343268.jpg
  12. Tap the Music icon to view your music library.
    device 2684/1343269.jpg
  13. While music is playing, the Google Play Music icon will be displayed in the notifications bar.
    device 2684/1343294.jpg
  14. To turn off the music player, swipe down from the top of the screen.
    device 2684/1343300.jpg
  15. Tap the X to close the music player.
    device 2684/1343297.jpg

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