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Device layout

Provides an overview of the device layout.

  1. Press the Power/Lock key to lock the device screen, and to power the device on and off.
    device 2684/1312469.jpg
  2. Press the Volume keys to adjust the device volume.
    device 2684/1312470.jpg
  3. Press the Back key to return to the previous screen.
    device 2684/1313221.jpg
  4. Press the Home key to return to the home screen, or press and hold the Home key to access Google Now.
    device 2684/1313222.jpg
  5. Press the Menu key to access the menu for the current screen.
    device 2684/1313224.jpg
  6. The microUSB port is located at the bottom of the device.
    device 2684/1313225.jpg
  7. The Headphone jack is located at the top of the device.
    device 2684/1313250.jpg
  8. The SIM-card slot is located on the back of the device.
    device 2684/1313276.jpg
  9. The microSD slot is located on the back of the device.
    device 2684/1313278.jpg

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