Conference calling
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Conference calling

Add another person to your call, merge calls, place someone on hold and more.

  1. To make a 3-way call, while in a call, tap More.
    device 2684/1320661.jpg
  2. Tap Add.
    device 2684/1320662.jpg
  3. Tap to enter the desired number.
    device 2684/1320663.jpg
  4. Tap the Call icon.
    device 2684/1320664.jpg
  5. Tap Merge to merge your calls.
    device 2684/1320665.jpg
  6. Tap the Edit icon to manage the calls.
    device 2684/1320666.jpg
  7. Tap the Split icon next to the desired call to split it.
    device 2684/1320667.jpg
  8. Tap the End Call icon next to the desired call to end it.
    device 2684/1320686.jpg
  9. To answer call waiting, touch, then drag to the right to answer the incoming call.
    device 2684/1320668.jpg
  10. Touch, then drag to the left to decline the incoming call.
    device 2684/1320673.jpg
  11. Touch then drag up to ignore the call with a text message.
    device 2684/1320675.jpg

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