Backup & restore with memory card
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Backup & restore with memory card

Backup and restore contacts, photos, & files using a memory card.

  1. Inserting a memory card into your device allows you to transfer and store contacts, music, pictures, and videos.
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  2. From the home screen, tap the Apps icon.
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  3. Tap Backup.
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  4. Tap New backup.
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  5. Tap the desired content to back up.
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  6. Tap BACK UP.
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  7. Tap the Password field to set the desired password.
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  8. Tap NEXT.
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  9. Tap the Confirm Password field to confirm your password.
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  10. Tap NEXT.
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  11. Tap the Password hint field to enter the desired password hint.
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  12. Tap OK.
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  13. The Backup is complete. Tap OK.
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  14. To restore a backup, tap the desired backup to restore.
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  15. Tap the Password field to enter your password.
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  16. Tap OK.
    device 2684/1316807.jpg
  17. Tap the desired options, then tap Restore.
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  18. Your data has been restored. Your System settings and Alarms will be restored after your device restarts.
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