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Keyboard & typing

How to use the keyboard, use speech-to-text, access keyboard settings, and more.

  1. Tap a character or number key to input the designated character.
    device 2684/1312674.jpg
  2. Tap the Shift key to capitalize the first letter typed.
    device 2684/1312675.jpg
  3. Double-tap the Shift key to enable CAPS-lock.
    Note: CAPS lock will be indicated by the shift key illuminating blue.
    device 2684/1312676.jpg
  4. Touch and hold a character key to access a list of characters associated with that key.
    device 2684/1312677.jpg
  5. Tap the Symbols key to view symbols.
    device 2684/1312689.jpg
  6. Tap the Page icon to view more symbols.
    device 2684/1312680.jpg
  7. Tap the Alphabet key to return to the standard keyboard.
    device 2684/1312681.jpg
  8. Touch and hold the Spacebar key to change the language of the keyboard.
    device 2684/1312683.jpg
  9. Tap the Microphone key to enable Speech-to-text.
    device 2684/1312678.jpg
  10. Speak now to type using Speech-to-text.
    device 2684/1312679.jpg
  11. Auto-complete suggestions are displayed above the keyboard. Tap the desired word in order to insert the suggested word.
    device 2684/1312751.jpg
  12. To copy text, touch and hold any text to bring up the selection tool.
    device 2684/1312758.jpg
  13. Touch, then drag the Selection bars to highlight the desired text.
    device 2684/1312759.jpg
  14. Tap the Copy icon to copy the selected text.
    device 2684/1312760.jpg
  15. To Paste the copied text, touch and hold the desired text field.
    device 2684/1312761.jpg
  16. Tap Paste.
    device 2684/1312762.jpg
  17. The copied text has been pasted into the desired text field.
    device 2684/1312763.jpg
  18. Touch and hold the Swype key to access keyboard settings.
    device 2684/1342075.jpg

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