Block or Unblock Calls
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Block or Unblock Calls

Block or unblock calls from your device.

  1. From the home screen, tap Phone.
    device 2787/1376572.jpg
  2. Tap the Menu icon.
    device 2787/1376573.jpg
  3. Tap Blocked callers.
    device 2787/1376574.jpg
  4. Tap Add.
    device 2787/1376575.jpg
  5. Tap the desired option.
    Note: For this demonstration, tap Select from people.
    device 2787/1376576.jpg
  6. Tap the desired contact.
    device 2787/1376577.jpg
  7. Tap Save.
    device 2787/1376578.jpg
  8. To remove the block, touch and hold the desired contact.
    device 2787/1376579.jpg
  9. Tap Unblock caller.
    device 2787/1376580.jpg
  10. The call blocking feature may not affect phone calls made or received via third-party apps installed on your device. Please contact third party app developers for assistance with such applications.
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