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Call forwarding

Learn how to manage call forwarding from your device.

  1. From the Start screen, tap the Call icon.
    device 2641/1280213.jpg
  2. Tap the More icon.
    device 2641/1280214.jpg
  3. Tap settings.
    device 2641/1280215.jpg
  4. Tap the Call forwarding switch to turn On.
    device 2641/1280216.jpg
  5. Tap the Call forwarding number field.
    device 2641/1280217.jpg
  6. Enter the desired number.
    device 2641/1280218.jpg
  7. Tap save.
    device 2641/1280219.jpg
  8. When call forwarding is turned on, the Call forwarding icon will be displayed in the notification bar.
    device 2641/1306377.jpg
  9. Tap Call forwarding switch to turn Off.
    device 2641/1280220.jpg

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