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Action Center

This article provides an overview of Action Center.

  1. From the Start screen, swipe down from the top of the screen to access the Actions Center.
    device 2641/1288869.jpg
  2. Tap WI-FI to turn Wi-Fi On. If Wi-Fi is enabled, tap WI-FI to access the Wi-Fi settings screen.
    device 2641/1288872.jpg
  3. Tap BLUETOOTH to turn Bluetooth On or Off.
    device 2641/1288880.jpg
  4. Tap the Screen brightness icon to select the desired screen brightness setting.
    device 2641/1288885.jpg
  5. Tap ROTATION LOCK to turn the screen rotation lock On or Off.
    device 2641/1288890.jpg
  6. Tap ALL SETTINGS to access the settings screen.
    device 2641/1288896.jpg
  7. New notifications will be displayed in the Actions Center.
    device 2641/1288899.jpg
  8. To adjust Notifications & Banners, tap All settings > notifications+actions.
    Note: For more information, see the Window Phone support article: Notifications and quick actions.
    device 2641/1306339.jpg

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