Learn & customize the home screen
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Learn & customize the home screen

Add shortcuts and widgets, access the notification panel, changing wallpaper, and more.

  1. Scroll up or down to access more apps.
    device 2641/1279586.jpg
  2. Swipe from the right to access a list of installed apps.
    device 2641/1279587.jpg
  3. To open, tap the desired app.
    device 2641/1279588.jpg
  4. Touch and drag the desired app to a new location.
    device 2641/1279589.jpg
  5. Tap the Unpin icon to remove the app from the Start screen.
    device 2641/1279590.jpg
  6. To add an app to the Start screen, from the Apps list, scroll to, then touch and hold the desired app.
    device 2641/1279591.jpg
  7. Tap pin to start.
    device 2641/1279592.jpg
  8. To change from 2 columns to 3, from Settings, tap Start+theme.
    device 2641/1279594.jpg
  9. Scroll to, then tap the Show more Tiles switch to On.
    device 2641/1279597.jpg
  10. To adjust the screen brightness, from the Quick settings menu, tap the Screen brightness icon to switch between automatic, low, medium or bright.
    device 2641/1279603.jpg

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