Send & receive email
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Send & receive email

Add and download email attachments, respond to an email and more.

  1. From the home screen, tap the Email icon.
    device 2641/1287242.jpg
  2. To compose an email, tap the + icon.
    device 2641/1287243.jpg
  3. Tap the desired account.
    device 2641/1287244.jpg
  4. Tap the To: field, then enter the desired recipient.
    device 2641/1287245.jpg
  5. Tap the Subject: field, then enter the desired subject.
    device 2641/1287246.jpg
  6. To add an attachment, tap the Attachment icon.
    device 2641/1287247.jpg
  7. Tap the desired file to attach.
    device 2641/1287249.jpg
  8. Tap the Checkmark icon.
    device 2641/1287251.jpg
  9. Enter the desired message, then tap the Send icon.
    device 2641/1287252.jpg
  10. To refresh the inbox, tap the Refresh icon.
    device 2641/1287253.jpg
  11. To open an email, scroll to, then tap the desired email.
    device 2641/1287254.jpg
  12. To reply to the email, tap the Reply icon.
    device 2641/1287255.jpg
  13. Tap reply, reply all, or forward.
    device 2641/1287256.jpg
  14. When a new email is received, an icon will be displayed.
    device 2641/1287257.jpg

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