Conference calling
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Conference calling

Add another person to your call, merge calls, place someone on hold and more.

  1. To answer a call waiting, tap answer.
    device 2641/1280248.jpg
  2. To ignore the call, tap ignore.
    device 2641/1280249.jpg
  3. Tap end current call and answer the call waiting, tap end call+answer.
    device 2641/1280250.jpg
  4. To send a reply text, tap text reply.
    device 2641/1280251.jpg
  5. Tap the desired option.
    device 2641/1280252.jpg
  6. To begin a 3-way call, while in-call, tap add call.
    device 2641/1280253.jpg
  7. Tap the Contacts icon.
    device 2641/1280254.jpg
  8. Scroll to, then tap the desired contact.
    device 2641/1280255.jpg
  9. Tap TAP TO SWAP to swap the calls.
    device 2641/1280256.jpg
  10. Tap merge calls to merge the calls.
    device 2641/1280257.jpg
  11. The conference call will begin. To end, tap end call.
    device 2641/1280258.jpg

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