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Keyboard & typing

How to use the keyboard, use speech-to-text, access keyboard settings, and more.

  1. Tap the Shift icon to capitalize the first letter.
    device 2641/1279556.jpg
  2. Touch and hold the Shift icon to enable caps lock.
    device 2641/1279559.jpg
  3. Tap &123 to access numbers.
    device 2641/1279561.jpg
  4. Tap the Symbols icon to access emoticons.
    device 2641/1279563.jpg
  5. Tap abc to return to letters.
    device 2641/1279564.jpg
  6. When typing, the Suggestion bar will be displayed. Tap the desired suggestion.
    device 2641/1279566.jpg
  7. To copy text, tap the desired text, then touch and drag the Blue marker icons to adjust the highlighted text.
    device 2641/1279568.jpg
  8. Tap the Copy icon.
    device 2641/1279570.jpg
  9. Tap the desired text field, then tap the Paste icon.
    device 2641/1279573.jpg
  10. Tap the Microphone icon to use speech-to-text.
    device 2641/1306340.jpg
  11. To change the keyboard settings, from the Start screen Swipe from the right and then tap Settings > keyboard.
    device 2641/1306344.jpg

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