Make & receive a call
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Make & receive a call

Place, receive, & reject a call.

  1. From the home screen, tap the Call icon.
    device 2641/1280275.jpg
  2. Tap the Dialpad icon.
    device 2641/1280276.jpg
  3. Enter the desired number, then tap call.
    device 2641/1280277.jpg
  4. To answer a call, tap answer.
    device 2641/1280290.jpg
  5. To reject a call, tap ignore.
    device 2641/1280291.jpg
  6. To reply with a text, tap text reply.
    device 2641/1280292.jpg
  7. Tap the desired text response.
    device 2641/1280293.jpg
  8. Visit the AT&T International Calling website for help making calls to or roaming in another country.
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