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Battery life

Tips & tricks to extend your battery performance.

  1. Ensure that Auto brightness is Off, and the level is set to low.
    device 2641/1287803.jpg
  2. Tap the Wi-Fi switch to turn Wi-Fi Off.
    device 2641/1287850.jpg
  3. Tap the Bluetooth switch to turn Bluetooth Off.
    device 2641/1288000.jpg
  4. To turn on Battery Saver, from Settings, scroll to, then tap battery saver.
    device 2641/1288002.jpg
  5. Tap the Battery Saver switch to turn Battery Saver On.
    device 2641/1288006.jpg
  6. Tap the Location services switch to turn location services Off.
    device 2641/1288009.jpg
  7. To turn off auto-update apps, from the Windows Store, tap the More icon.
    device 2641/1288013.jpg
  8. Tap settings.
    device 2641/1288055.jpg
  9. Tap the Update apps automatically switch to turn auto-update Off.
    device 2641/1288057.jpg
  10. To turn off Auto sync, from Settings, scroll to, then tap sync my settings.
    device 2641/1288062.jpg
  11. Tap the Sync switches to turn syncing Off.
    device 2641/1288063.jpg
  12. Tap the Data connection switch to turn the data connection Off.
    device 2641/1288064.jpg

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