Action Center

Action Center

This article provides an overview of Action Center.

  1. From any screen, drag down from the top of the screen to reveal the Action Center.
    device 2639/1293231.jpg
  2. Quick actions are displayed at the top of the screen. Use quick actions to easily access Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, the camera and screen brightness settings.
    device 2639/1293246.jpg
  3. Notifications will appear in the space below the quick actions.
    device 2639/1293249.jpg
  4. To change which quick actions are displayed in the Action Center, tap ALL SETTINGS.
    device 2639/1321281.jpg
  5. Tap notifications + actions.
    device 2639/1321286.jpg
  6. Tap the quick action you would like to replace.
    device 2639/1321291.jpg
  7. Tap the desired quick action.
    device 2639/1321292.jpg
  8. To adjust banner notification settings, scroll to, then tap the desired app.
    device 2639/1321293.jpg
  9. Tap the Show in action center switch to toggle action center notifications for the app on / off.
    device 2639/1321294.jpg
  10. Tap Show notification banners to toggle notification banners for the app on or off.
    device 2639/1321296.jpg

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