Reset pattern lock
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Reset pattern lock

Reset a forgotten pattern lock.

  1. After entering the wrong pattern for 5 times, tap Forgot Pattern.
    Note: The Forgot Pattern option will only display if you have added your Google Account to the device.
    device 2477/1219341.jpg
  2. Tap the Username field.
    device 2477/1219349.jpg
  3. Enter the account name used to set up the device, then tap the Password field.
    device 2477/1219353.jpg
  4. Enter the required password, then tap Sign in.
    device 2477/1219357.jpg
  5. Tap Pattern.
    device 2477/1219358.jpg
  6. Swipe the desired pattern on the screen.
    device 2477/1219360.jpg
  7. Tap Continue.
    device 2477/1219367.jpg
  8. Swipe the desired pattern on the screen again.
    device 2477/1219369.jpg
  9. Tap Confirm.
    device 2477/1219371.jpg

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