Keep track of all the things you need to know like due dates and locations.

  1. To use your Reminders, from the Home screen tap Reminders.
    device 5029/9006493_01.jpg
  2. To create a new reminder or list, tap the Add icon '+' or tap a Blank line.
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  3. Enter your item, then tap the Info icon 'i' next to it.
    Note: Within the Info icon 'i' you can: Create date and time, or location-based, Notifications, Set reminder priority, Add reminder notes
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  4. Set event details and tap Done.
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  5. To create a new list, tap Add List.
    device 5029/9006493_05.jpg
  6. Name your list, choose a color for the list and tap Done.
    Note: If you're using iCloud, you can share a reminder list with other iCloud users.
    device 5029/9006493_06.jpg
  7. To add an event to a list, tap the + icon.
    Note: Tap the Info icon 'i' to edit more event details.
    device 5029/9006493_07.jpg
  8. Enter an event, then tap Done.
    device 5029/9006493_08.jpg
  9. To edit the list, tap Edit.
    device 5029/9006493_09.jpg
  10. To change the order of the list, tap the Icon to the right of the line and move it to the desired position.
    device 5029/9006493_10.jpg
  11. To delete an item from a list tap the Delete icon, then tap Delete. To delete the entire list, tap Delete List.
    device 5029/9006493_11.jpg
  12. When done, tap Done.
    device 5029/9006493_12.jpg

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