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Set up corporate email

Set up corporate email

Add your Exchange email account to sync email, contacts, calendar, and notes to your device.

  1. To add your corporate email account to iPhone, from the home screen, tap Settings.
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  2. Tap MailContacts, Calendars.
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  3. Tap Add Account.
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  4. Tap Exchange.
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  5. Enter the information in the fields and then hit Next.
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  6. iPhone will now try to locate your Exchange Server. If necessary, you will need to enter your front-end Exchange Server's complete address in the Server field, and then tap Continue.
    device 5033/9007007_06.jpg
  7. Choose which content you would like to synchronize: Mail, Contacts, and Calendars, and then tap Save.
    Note: To modify your exchange settings, tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, select your Exchange account, and tap Account Info.
    device 5033/9007007_07.jpg
  8. First time users will be taken to their email inbox. New messages will be downloaded and displayed here.
    Note: Users that have previously configured an email account on their device will see the 'Mail, Contacts, Calendar' settings screen.
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