AT&T Navigator

AT&T Navigator

Get directions and navigation using AT&T Navigator.

  1. AT&T Navigator makes your travels easier with GPS-guided maps and directions, traffic alerts, and additional navigation features that give you real-time, on-the-road coverage to help you avoid traffic, find the best routes, and more.
    Note: Separate subscription may be required. Data rates apply. For more information, visit the AT&T Navigator website.
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  2. Tap the Apps icon.
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  3. Swipe to and tap AT&T Navigator.
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  4. If prompted, accept the terms and conditions, and select a day pass or monthly AT&T Navigator subscription to continue.
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  5. From the AT&T Navigator home screen, type your destination.
    Note: Tap the Microphone icon to speak your destination.
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  6. Tap the suggested address or location, or tap the magnifying glass to search exactly as entered.
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  7. Results will display. Tap the green Drive icon to continue.
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  8. Tap Drive.
    Note: If multiple routes are displayed, tap to select the desired path.
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  9. The route will display and audible navigation will be given through the handset's built-in speaker.
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  10. To stop navigating, tap the Back key.
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