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Block messages

Learn how to block messages from your device.

  1. From the home screen, tap Messaging.
    device 2827/1430776.jpg
  2. Tap the Menu key.
    device 2827/1430777.jpg
  3. Tap Settings.
    device 2827/1430778.jpg
  4. Scroll to "Spam message settings", then tap Register number as spam.
    device 2827/1430779.jpg
  5. Tap the Add icon to add a number/contact to the Spam filter.
    device 2827/1430780.jpg
  6. Enter the desired number or contact, then tap Save.
    device 2827/1430781.jpg
  7. Touch and hold a number/contact to remove it from the Spam filter, then tap Delete.
    device 2827/1430782.jpg
  8. Tap OK.
    device 2827/1430783.jpg
  9. Tap the Spam settings checkbox to disable the Spam filter.
    device 2827/1430784.jpg

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