Phone assembly

How to install the battery, SIM, and memory card (for applicable devices).



  1. Remove the Back panel of the device by inserting a fingernail into the notch at the base of the device and gently lifting.
    device 2826/1419981.jpg
  2. Insert the Micro-SIM card into the slot, making sure the gold contacts are facing down, and the beveled edge of the card points to the top right of the device.
    device 2826/1419982.jpg
  3. Insert the microSD card into the microSD card slot, making sure the gold contacts on the card are facing down and toward the slot.
    device 2826/1419983.jpg
  4. Insert the Battery, making sure the gold contacts on the battery are lined up with the contacts on the device.
    device 2826/1419984.jpg
  5. Replace the Back panel by placing it over the device, then pressing all the edges until it snaps into place and is flush with the device.
    device 2826/1419985.jpg
  6. If a SIM is not in the device the Missing SIM icon will display in the Notifications bar.
    device 2826/1419986.jpg

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