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Block messages

Learn how to block messages from your device.

  1. From the home screen, tap Messaging.
    device 2833/1433862.jpg
  2. Press the Menu key.
    device 2833/1433779.jpg
  3. Tap Settings.
    device 2833/1425580.jpg
  4. Scroll to, then tap the Spam settings checkbox.
    device 2833/1425581.jpg
  5. Tap Add to spam numbers.
    device 2833/1425582.jpg
  6. Tap the Add icon.
    device 2833/1425583.jpg
  7. Enter the desired number to block, then tap Save.
    device 2833/1425585.jpg
  8. To remove a number from the spam numbers list, touch and hold the desired contact or number to remove.
    device 2833/1425586.jpg
  9. Tap Delete.
    device 2833/1425588.jpg
  10. Tap OK.
    device 2833/1425589.jpg

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