Battery life

Tips & tricks to extend your battery performance.

  1. The mobile hotspot is configured (by default) to optimize battery life. There are several methods you can use to extend the battery life:
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  2. Ensure that the device is charged completely on its first use to prolong battery life.
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  3. When not using the device, turn it off to conserve power. From any screen, press and hold the Power key.
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  4. Tap Shutdown.
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  5. Avoid using Dual-Band Wi-Fi and Guest Wi-Fi when unnecessary.
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  6. Reduce the LCD's brightness level. Home screen > Settings > Display > Screen Brightness
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  7. If the devices you are connecting to your Wi-Fi network are always near the mobile hotspot device, shorten the Wi-Fi range. Home screen > Settings > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi Range
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  8. Reduce the amount of time to wait when no devices are connected to either Wi-Fi network before going into sleep mode (Wi-Fi radio powers off). Home screen > Settings > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi Standby
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  9. The more devices connected to the Wi-Fi network the more battery power is consumed.
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