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Apple iPhone 3GS


Get directions and navigation using the Maps app.

  1. From the home screen, tap Maps.
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  2. To face a different direction, rotate with two fingers.
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  3. To return to north, tap the compass in the upper-right.
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  4. Move around Maps by dragging the screen.
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  5. To zoom in or out, double-tap with one finger to zoom in and tap with two fingers to zoom out or just pinch and stretch.
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  6. To get driving directions, enter an address, or drop a pin on the screen for your destination.
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  7. Tap the get directions arrow in the upper left corner.
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  8. Choose a location or route from the list, if available.
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  9. Tap Start to begin.
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  10. To stop turn-by-turn directions, tap End.
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  11. To access Maps settings, go to Settings.
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  12. Tap Maps.
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