Elevate 4G Web Manager advanced settings

Elevate 4G Web Manager advanced settings

This article provides an overview of advanced settings.

  1. From the Elevate Manager, click Advanced Settings.
    device 2859/1448516.jpg
  2. Under the Device tab, Basic will display basic hotspot settings.
    device 2859/1448526.jpg
  3. Display will show screen options.
    device 2859/1448535.jpg
  4. Under the WAN tab, Status will display the connection status of the device.
    device 2859/1448536.jpg
  5. Setup will display connection preferences and profiles.
    device 2859/1448538.jpg
  6. Under the Wi-Fi tab, the Status, Network, Security, and MAC Filter can be accessed.
    device 2859/1448539.jpg
  7. Under the Router tab, router options can be accessed and edited.
    device 2859/1448540.jpg

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