Social media

Social media

Stay connected by using a social media app or aggregator.

  1. From the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen to access Quick settings.
    device 2899/1492546.jpg
  2. Tap Settings.
    device 2899/1492548.jpg
  3. Tap Accounts.
    device 2899/1492549.jpg
  4. Tap the desired account.
    device 2899/1492550.jpg
  5. Enter the desired email address and password.
    device 2899/1492551.jpg
  6. Edit any additional settings, then tap Done.
    device 2899/1492552.jpg
  7. Tap Done.
    device 2899/1492553.jpg
  8. Facebook is now ready for use.
    device 2899/1492554.jpg
  9. To access Facebook, from the home screen, swipe to, then tap Facebook.
    device 2899/1499742.jpg

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