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Battery life

Tips & tricks to extend your battery performance.

  1. To optimize battery performance, multiple settings can be adjusted, including Mobile network, Wi-Fi, Location, and Power Saving.
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  2. To adjust the mobile network settings on the Gear S: Apps > Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Mobile Network. Choose "Auto on" or "Always off" to minimize power consumption.
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  3. Turn Wi-Fi off when not in use, in Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi.
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  4. Turn Location off when not in use, in Settings > Connections > Location.
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  5. When needed, activate power saving mode to save the battery power by limiting the Gear's functions. Tap Settings > Power Saving > Power saving mode > Turn on Power saving mode.
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  6. Power saving mode is now enabled.
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  7. Ensure that the display brightness is set to "Automatic" or to the lowest setting to prolong battery life.
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  8. To disable Power saving mode. From the clock screen, tap the Settings icon.
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  9. Tap Turn off Power saving.
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  10. Tap OK.
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