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Manage email

This tutorial shows how to manage email on your device.

  1. From the clock screen, swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen.
    device 2920/1500466.jpg
  2. Tap Email.
    Note: New accounts and account settings are managed via your Galaxy phone.
    device 2920/1500467.jpg
  3. To compose an email, tap Compose.
    Note: If Compose is not displayed, swipe down to reveal it.
    device 2920/1500468.jpg
  4. Enter the recipient, subject, and message body.
    device 2920/1500469.jpg
  5. Tap the Send icon to deliver the email.
    device 2920/1500470.jpg
  6. To read an email, scroll to, then tap the desired email.
    device 2920/1500471.jpg
  7. Swipe up to read the email.
    device 2920/1500472.jpg
  8. Tap the Reply icon to reply to the email.
    Note: The email will be deleted from the Gear S only.
    device 2920/1500473.jpg
  9. Tap the Show On Device icon to display the email on your Galaxy device.
    device 2920/1500474.jpg
  10. For more email options, tap the Menu icon.
    device 2920/1500475.jpg
  11. To call the sender, tap Call.
    device 2920/1500476.jpg
  12. To forward the email, tap Forward.
    device 2920/1500477.jpg
  13. To delete the email, scroll to, then tap Delete.
    device 2920/1500478.jpg

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