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Keyboard & typing

This tutorial goes through the keyboard and typing function.

  1. Tap the Shift key to capitalize the first letter typed.
    device 2920/1500303.jpg
  2. Double-tap the Shift key to enable CAPS Lock.
    device 2920/1500304.jpg
  3. Touch and hold a character to view additional characters.
    device 2920/1500305.jpg
  4. Auto-complete suggestions will be shown directly above the keyboard. Tap the desired auto-complete word to add it.
    device 2920/1500306.jpg
  5. Tap the Delete key to delete a character.
    device 2920/1500307.jpg
  6. Tap the Numbers key to enter numbers.
    device 2920/1500308.jpg
  7. Tap the Symbols key to enter symbols.
    device 2920/1500309.jpg
  8. Tap the Emoji key to enter emojis.
    device 2920/1500310.jpg
  9. Tap the Alphabet key to return to the standard keyboard.
    device 2920/1500311.jpg
  10. Touch and hold the Space key to activate speech-to-text.
    device 2920/1500312.jpg
  11. Tap the Microphone to speak the desired message.
    device 2920/1500313.jpg
  12. To adjust keyboard settings, navigate to Apps > Settings > Language & input > Keyboard settings > Samsung Keyboard > tap the desired settings.
    device 2920/1500314.jpg

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