Connected devices
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Connected devices

Learn how to view connected devices.

  1. Press the Power button on the front of the device.
    device 2923/1506588.jpg
  2. The number of currently connected devices will display on the Wi-Fi icon.
    device 2923/1506589.jpg
  3. To see details about the connected devices, login to the AT&T Wi-Fi Manager from a device connected to the AT&T Unite Express Wi-Fi network.
    Note: The mobile hotspot Wi-Fi password and network name can be found on the home screen of the device.
    device 2923/1506592.jpg
  4. The connected devices are displayed under Connected Devices.
    device 2923/1506595.jpg
  5. To view the IP and Mac addresses of one of the devices, click the device name.
    device 2923/1517457.jpg
  6. The IP and MAC addresses will be displayed.
    device 2923/1506603.jpg

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