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Device layout

Provides an overview of the device layout.

  1. Press the Volume keys to adjust media or call volume.
    device 3012/1570046.jpg
  2. The SIM card slot is located under the back cover of the device. The device uses a Micro-SIM card.
    device 3012/1570054.jpg
  3. The microSD card slot is located under the back cover of the device above the SIM card slot. A microSD card of up to 64GB (Sold separately) can be used.
    device 3012/1570066.jpg
  4. Press the Back key to return to the previous screen.
    device 3012/1570068.jpg
  5. Press the Menu key to access additional applications. Press and hold to open the recent applications list.
    device 3012/1591367.jpg
  6. Press and hold the Flashlight key to to turn on and off.
    device 3012/1570071.jpg
  7. Press the Options key to display the current screens menu.
    device 3012/1570073.jpg
  8. The USB/Charging port is located on the bottom of the device.
    device 3012/1570075.jpg
  9. The Headphone jack is located on the top of the device.
    device 3012/1570076.jpg
  10. Press the EPTT key to activate or place a EPTT call.
    device 3012/1570078.jpg
  11. Press the Navigation keys to navigate in up, down, left and right directions.
    device 3012/1570080.jpg
  12. Press the Center Nav key to perform a specific operation on a selected application.
    device 3012/1570081.jpg
  13. Press the Call/Accept/Send key to answer or place a call.
    device 3012/1570082.jpg
  14. Press the Power/End call key to power the device on or off, reject an incoming call or end a current call.
    device 3012/1570083.jpg
  15. Press the CLR key to delete the last character, press and hold to delete all of the text.
    device 3012/1570084.jpg
  16. The Rear camera is located on the back of the device.
    device 3012/1570086.jpg
  17. Press and hold the * key to unlock the screen.
    device 3012/1591368.jpg

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