Keyboard & typing

How to use the keyboard, use speech-to-text, access keyboard settings, and more.

  1. To access the keyboard, tap on a text entry field.
    device 3194/1660646.jpg
  2. Touch and hold a character key to access a list of characters associated with that key.
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  3. Tap the Symbols key for a list of common symbols.
    device 3194/1660648.jpg
  4. Tap the Arrow keys to view more symbols and smileys.
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  5. Tap the abc key to return to the alphanumeric keyboard.
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  6. Tap the Shift key to enter a capital letter. Tap it again to use CAPS Lock.
    device 3194/1660651.jpg
  7. The Suggestion bar will suggest alternate spellings to the last entered word if applicable. Tap a suggestion to replace the word in the text field.
    Note: Swiping up from under a suggested word will also replace a word with the word from the Suggestion bar.
    device 3194/1660652.jpg
  8. To use speech-to-text, touch and hold the Settings icon key.
    device 3194/1660653.jpg
  9. Tap the Microphone icon.
    device 3194/1660654.jpg
  10. Speak now to use Speech-to-Text.
    device 3194/1660655.jpg
  11. To copy and paste, touch and hold the desired text.
    device 3194/1660656.jpg
  12. Drag the cursors in either direction to highlight the desired text, then tap Copy.
    device 3194/1660657.jpg
  13. Tap the desired area in the text field.
    device 3194/1660658.jpg
  14. Tap Paste.
    device 3194/1660659.jpg
  15. To input text using Swype, slide a finger from one letter of a word to the next, lifting only between words.
    device 3194/1678822.jpg
  16. To adjust Key tap sound, predictive text, language, keyboard height and more, tap the Settings icon key.
    device 3194/1660660.jpg
  17. Tap the desired option.
    device 3194/1660661.jpg
  18. To toggle auto-correction on or off, tap Auto-correction.
    device 3194/1660662.jpg
  19. Tap the desired option.
    device 3194/1660663.jpg
  20. To adjust the keyboard sound settings, tap Additional settings.
    device 3194/1660664.jpg
  21. Tap Sound on keypress.
    device 3194/1660665.jpg

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