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Learn how to access the calendar and manage events.

  1. From the home screen, tap Calendar.
    device 3206/1659768.jpg
  2. To change the calendar view, tap Month, Week, or Day.
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  3. Scroll up or down to access the desired month.
    device 3206/1659770.jpg
  4. To add an event, tap the desired date.
    device 3206/1659771.jpg
  5. Tap New.
    device 3206/1659772.jpg
  6. Tap the Event name field, then enter the desired event name.
    device 3206/1659773.jpg
  7. If desired, tap the location field, then enter the desired location.
    device 3206/1659774.jpg
  8. Scroll to, then tap the From Time field.
    device 3206/1659775.jpg
  9. Scroll to the desired time.
    device 3206/1659776.jpg
  10. Tap Done.
    device 3206/1659777.jpg
  11. Tap the To Date field.
    device 3206/1659778.jpg
  12. Scroll to the desired date.
    device 3206/1659779.jpg
  13. Tap Done.
    device 3206/1659780.jpg
  14. Tap the To Time field.
    device 3206/1659781.jpg
  15. Scroll to the desired time.
    device 3206/1659782.jpg
  16. Tap Done.
    device 3206/1659783.jpg
  17. Add any additional information, then tap Save.
    device 3206/1659784.jpg
  18. To edit an event, tap the event date.
    device 3206/1659785.jpg
  19. Tap the event.
    device 3206/1659786.jpg
  20. Tap Edit.
    device 3206/1659787.jpg
  21. Edit event details as desired, then tap Save.
    device 3206/1659788.jpg
  22. To delete an event, tap the event date.
    device 3206/1659789.jpg
  23. Tap the event.
    device 3206/1659790.jpg
  24. Tap Delete.
    device 3206/1659791.jpg
  25. Tap OK.
    device 3206/1659792.jpg
  26. When a calendar event is approaching, the Event icon will display in the Notification bar.
    device 3206/1659793.jpg

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